Welcome to KSUCCA

Due to the important role that a corpus play in computational linguistics and other language related disciplines, and due to the sparseness in available classical Arabic corpora, we thought that it is our obligation to build a corpus for classical Arabic that can be used in both Arabic linguistic and computational linguistic research, which includes: lexical, morphological, syntactic, semantic and pragmatic research including their various applications. In addition to many other areas of research that can benefit from such corpus including Arabic language teaching for both Arabs and non Arabs, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, information retrieval question answering and machine translation.

We think that the availability of such corpus will encourage and enforce research in classical Arabic, which is the template that carries and reserves Islamic heritage and which is being practiced daily by Muslims through their prayers and their recitation of the Holy Quran.

Hence we invite researches to KSUCCA and we welcome their cooperation in enhancing and developing it.


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